Five Ways to Scare Off Bugs This Fall

Bugs are a common fear for most people, and that’s understandable. Most of them are tiny and easy to lose sight of, and I don’t think I know anyone who prefers large bugs on the loose to smaller ones. But fear not! Here are a few simple ways you can scare the bugs away this spooky season.

Get yourself a Venus flytrap. While it’s difficult for us humans to relate to bugs, some of us find it quite easy to become attached to plants, and one with a functioning mouth that cuts down on your bug problems makes it that much easier. Think of it as a happy, well-fed, natural pesticide, and a pet!

Concoct a garlic solution for bugs that are attracted to light or plants. Most insects are naturally repulsed by the scent of garlic, so by soaking minced garlic in water for a day, you can create a spray that, when applied to lights, can repel insects all night. When applied to plants, on the other hand, this solution can give plants a sort of “garlic breath” that can repel bugs for weeks. Plus, how do you say no to the added benefit of vampire repellent?

While this is more of a diversion and less of a scare tactic, sometimes placing a sugary substance, like jelly or a soda, far away from your gathering could keep most of the bugs distracted long enough for you to enjoy your evening without swatting away flies or brushing away ants.

It’s no secret that bugs hate smoke. Campfires, citronella, and incense are all great bug repellents that we’ve been using for years. But there are some herbs that you can add to your campfires, such as sage and mint, that will increase the fire’s bug repellent capabilities. It’s nice to take a moment to appreciate the horticulturists of the past that unlocked these secrets, too.

This is a common tip, but it’s always worth repeating: disturb standing water! Stagnant water is just begging mosquitoes and other pests to lay their eggs in it, so be sure to pour out and disturb all standing water and puddles after rain.

Ghosts and ghouls are running amok in October, why spend that time being afraid of bugs? Try these tips to combat those persistent pests so you can get back to enjoying the fall festivities! 

And as always, if these tips and tricks don’t scare these pests away, you know who to call. Call Now: (321) 499-9114  or fill out our contact form.

Life is good pest-free! 

Your bug guy,

Jeff Daniels