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We all see spiders in our homes from time to time. When it is just one spider, the problem is easily handled. However, a spider infestation can quickly get out of control. When you are having a problem with spiders, Green Wing Lawn and Pest Services can help. We have a decade of experience with spider control in Merritt Island and Brevard County.

If you are in Merritt Island and need help with a spider problem, contact us at (321) 499-9114 to schedule spider control service today! We offer free estimates!

Common Spiders in Florida

Spiders are one of the many insects people find creepy, but the only types of spiders that are harmful to humans are black widows and brown recluse spiders. Both types are relatively rare in Florida, but certain species of black widow spiders are found here. If you suspect a problem with either of these or any other type of spider, we offer spider control in Merritt Island to solve your problem.

The most common spiders found in Florida include:

  • Jumping spiders
  • Crab spiders
  • Spiny orb weavers
  • Golden silk spiders
  • Black and Yellow Argiope spiders
  • Green lynx spiders
  • Long jawed orb weavers
  • Wolf spiders

Most homeowners notice spiders but have no idea what kind of spider has invaded their homes. This is where a professional can help. Our technicians have extensive training in all aspects of pest control. We can identify the spiders that are causing your problem and eliminate them for you.

When you need spider control services in Merritt Island and the surrounding areas, contact the experts at Green Wing Lawn and Pest Services at (321) 499-9114 today!

Are Jumping Spiders Friendly?

Jumping Spiders are spiders that are heavy built with larger bodies than people are used to seeing. They get their name because instead of fleeing when approached by people, a jumping spider will jump closer to a human and give a little dance. Jumping spiders can be considered friendly because they are curious and carefully observe the people around them.

Treating Spider Infestations

Our Merritt Island spider control includes topical treatment and preventative treatment. Our technicians spray around the perimeter and eaves of your home with high-quality products. In addition, we sweep down any spider webs during each visit to discourage them from returning. You will notice a difference after our first visit.

You can expect friendly service and excellent results when you call Green Wing Lawn and Pest Services for spider control. We will work with you to create a spider control schedule that will keep spiders away. We offer free service calls in between treatments if you should notice a problem with spiders returning.

Preventing a Spider Infestation

Any good spider control program should have a focus on prevention as well as treatment. With spiders and most other pests, prevention is easier than treating a spider infestation. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to prevent spider infestations before they start.

To discourage spider infestations, you can:

  • Eliminate any sources of clutter that provide a place for spiders to hide
  • Seal any cracks where spiders can enter, especially around the windows
  • Remove any food sources and other insect problems because these can attract spiders

Spider infestations can get out of control very quickly, so it is important to address spider problems as soon as they are noticed. Because spiders can be difficult to eradicate, it is best to call a qualified professional to handle the problem. We offer same-day service for spider control in Merritt Island and free estimates are available for all our pest control services.

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