It’s Hurricane Season

Is heavy rain giving you pest problems?

As you already know, we’re in the midst of hurricane season. As if the pouring rain and gushing wind weren’t enough, I’m here to tell you that you also have to worry about bugs. That’s right. On top of a global pandemic and mother nature’s wrath, you have to worry about bugs now too. Don’t worry, I’ve got a few tips to keep the bugs at bay.

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  • Drain Standing Water

During heavy rain, water pools in often forgotten places, and can quickly lead to new families of mosquitos. Before and after heavy rain it’s important to drain the following areas:

  • Birdbaths
  • Gutters
  • Grill covers
  • Pots and garbage cans
  • Litter
  • Find and Fix Areas that are Already Water Damaged

Rotting wood and leaking pipes are not only bad for the structure of your home, but they can help pests flourish too. Before heavy rain, it’s important to inspect your home for both, as more water will only make the problem worse. Damp, rotting wood can attract termites, and once they’ve made an appearance, they’re very hard to get rid of. 

  • Design your Yard to Prevent Infestation

It’s important that your yard does not have divots that pool water. Proper irrigation will not only protect the foundation of your home, it will also prevent standing water. Additionally, make sure any water features in your yard are properly cared for. If forgotten about, they’ll become host to a variety of unwelcome critters.

As always, taking preventive measures will save you from having to call for professional help. If your lawn and pest issues have gotten out of control, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (321) 499-9114 or fill out our contact form.

Your bug guy,

Jeff Daniels