Protecting Your Furry Friends From Ticks

Finding ticks on your dog is the worst…

…but sometimes there’s nothing we can do to reverse what’s happened. Our furry friends love traipsing through the backyard and all through the tall grass that ticks call home. Parental guilt quickly sets in when you feel one of those suspicious lumps under their fur. Luckily, there are a handful of ways dog owners can preventatively protect their fur babies from these tiny, blood-sucking monsters.

Check For Ticks Regularly

The CDC recommends pet owners regularly check their dogs for ticks. If caught early enough, you might even be able to find them before they bite. A thorough tick screening means checking beyond areas that you usually pet them like their belly, back, and head. Ticks can also nestle into skin folds under their legs, around their ears, and between their toes. 

Keep Your Yard Tick Free

While a completely tick-free yard is unlikely, pet owners can take a number of steps to make their backyard less appealing to the little buggers. Of course, here at Green Wing, we’re experts at tick extermination. If you think you’d like to learn how Green Wing can help you with a tick problem, check our pest services page or give us a call.

The CDC also recommends strategic landscaping. Namely, they recommend homeowners “place a 3-ft wide barrier of wood chips or gravel between lawns and wooded areas to restrict tick migration into recreational areas.” This combined with removing clutter like old leaves, overgrown grass, and trash will make your backyard less hospitable to ticks.

Talk To Your Veterinarian

If you’re concerned about your dog getting bit by ticks, your first step should always be to talk to a veterinarian. Not only can they help you better understand how to protect your dog, but they can also prescribe medicines to help too.

Tick bites can lead to serious tick-borne diseases for your fur babies. Taking these steps will ensure you’re doing your best to protect them. If you have any questions about how Green Wing can assist in keeping your yard tick-free, give us a call.

Your bug guy,

Jeff Daniels