Keeping Your Yard Safe From Mosquitos

closeup of mosquito on leaf

With summer approaching, your backyard is soon to be your go-to hangout spot. We’re all looking forward to the backyard barbecues that come with summer but dreading seeing our seasonal neighbors, mosquitoes.

There’s nothing as annoying as swatting at mosquitoes while trying to enjoy some peace and relaxation in your outdoor oasis. Don’t worry; your backyard isn’t doomed to become a mosquito sanctuary. Let’s discuss the best solutions that will keep those buzzing botherers away!

Keep Your Yard Tidy

Mosquitoes tend to gravitate towards unkept, lush yards. They often provide a large amount of foliage space for them to call home. Keeping your yard trimmed and tidy can not only help with curb appeal but also with keeping mosquitoes away.

We recommend performing regular yard maintenance work such as clipping overgrown grass, pulling invasive weeds, clearing clutter and debris, and eliminating any piles in your yard. When your yard is clean and tidy, mosquitoes will likely migrate to a more suitable location to settle.

Use Plants to Your Advantage

Did you know you can use nature to help repel pesky mosquitoes? It’s true! Suppose you’re wanting to test out your green thumb while maintaining the peace of a pest-free backyard. In that case, we recommend investing in a few mosquito-repelling plants.

A great alternative to spray bug repellent or citronella candles, these plants can help keep winged visitors at bay while adding a unique flair to your outdoor area. Fragrant mosquito-repelling plants can mask the human scent, protecting your household from those irritating bites. Some plants that can come in handy include:

  • Marigold
  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Lavender
  • Citronella grass
  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint

As you can see, there is a wide variety of natural repellents you can choose from! Don’t be afraid to mix and match different plants and greenery to protect your outdoor space further.

Eliminate Standing Water Hot Spots

Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and often supports younger larvae by leaving the eggs undisturbed. If you have a birdbath, fountain, or other water feature in your yard that includes standing water, we recommend emptying the water each day and replacing it with fresh water.

Pro tip: For additional protection, add a natural BTI bacteria formula to any standing water fixtures. These bacteria are only toxic to mosquito larvae and won’t affect other forms of wildlife that may visit your yard.

Check your yard for other sources of water that could potentially host a family of mosquitoes. Puddles and water accumulation in unexpected areas such as old pots, tires, or toys can be detrimental to your goal of repelling mosquitoes in your yard.

Use Additional Repellents

If implementing a few repellent plants hasn’t kept buzzing visitors at bay, consider bringing in reinforcements. There are various mosquito repellent solutions available at your local grocery store, such as tiki torches and citronella candles.

Some additional solutions to repel mosquitoes include regular and misting fans. Mosquitoes don’t prefer windy areas, so we suggest keeping a fan on standby this summer season. If you choose to beat the heat while repelling mosquitoes with a misting fan, we recommend turning the mister off when you’re not outside to avoid pooling water puddles.

Call in Our Professionals

Unfortunately, the weather and location of Florida are perfect for mosquitoes to thrive in. If you’ve had it with swatting them away and itching uncomfortable bites, we can help! We utilize high-quality lawn solutions that prevent mosquito infestations while preserving the local lagoon environment.

If you’ve tried the above solutions but just can’t seem to rid your backyard of unwanted buzzing and biting mosquitoes, contact Green Wing Lawn and Pest Services today! Our specialists can work alongside you to determine the best solution for your home and provide you with a free estimate for mosquito control. Give us a call at (321) 499-9114 for more information.