5 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away

kid swatting mosquitoes

Spring in Florida can be quite beautiful. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and many homeowners are gearing up for spring break activities that will take place outdoors. While spring is a favorite time for many, one of the significant drawbacks of the season is the common unwanted buzzing visitor: the mosquito.

In Florida, especially during the spring and summer seasons, mosquitos come in full force. As many zappers and pest repellents that you may have on hand, those aren’t ideal population control measures to rid your yard of a mosquito problem. It’s essential to actively take steps to protect your yard from an infestation so your springtime plans won’t be affected by pests! Keep reading to discover some of the most effective ways to keep your backyard mosquito-free.

Utilize Screens

We all enjoy a refreshing breeze of fresh air! While fresh air can be relaxing, it also subjects you to flying pests that affect your comfort. One of the original forms of pest control, screens, are still a reliable option to rely on to minimize contact with mosquitos. Consider installing screening for your porch so you’ll be able to enjoy outside time without being subjected to the buzzing and bites!

To keep the skeeters away, install fine mesh screens for all open windows and doors in your home as an additional measure. When a beautiful spring day arrives, and you’re ready to prop open the windows, you’ll be able to let the breeze in without letting in any mosquitos or other flying critters.

Remove Standing Water

Where there’s water, there’s an eventual mosquito breeding ground. It’s crucial to remove all areas of standing water throughout your property. Dry the kids’ outside water toys after each use, empty yard tools that may have collected water during rainy days, and ensure your gutters are free of any blockages that could lead to pooling water. If you have outdoor fountains, ensure you are emptying the water and cleaning the interior on a regular basis to prevent attracting mosquitoes.

Keep Your Yard Trimmed

Many homeowners view spring as the perfect time of year to get some dirt on their hands and give their yard the refresh it deserves! Not only can a trimmed and tidy yard help your home shine on your neighborhood street, but it’ll also be less prone to mosquito infestations. Mosquitoes gravitate towards lush and shady areas, so if you keep your grass short, there will be fewer shaded areas for the mosquitoes to congregate in.

If you need assistance getting your lawn back in prime condition this spring, give our team at Green Wing Lawn and Pest Services a call, and we’ll be happy to assist with our premier lawn control services!

Use Plants to Your Advantage

Got a green thumb? Put it to use and use your plants to help keep mosquitoes at bay! One of the most effective repelling plants is citronella. Their natural scent repels all mosquitos and can help minimize potential infestations. If you’re not a fan of citronella, try planting some rosemary, lemongrass, or mint! It’s best to grow these herbs near your outdoor entertainment areas so your natural mosquito repellents will guard you and your guests.

Expert Mosquito Control in Merritt Island

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