How To Keep Wasps Away This Summer

Wasp nest close up

Insects around the home can be annoying, but what about when pests start encroaching on your property outside? While it can feel a little silly to complain about bugs out, since it is nature, after all, there is a limit on how many bugs around your property can feel annoying. Let’s face it we don’t need bugs bothering us when we want to relax. The last thing we want is a bug stinging us out in the front yard, let alone a BBQ. If you are someone that has dealt with wasps problems in the past, then we got the best tips for you!

Location Location Location

When it comes to wasps around the home, always try to spot where precisely the wasp nest is relative to your home. If you spot a wasp nest in eyesight, like on your garage door, you must be careful how you approach the nest. While you may be tempted to just whack that nest, pour some water on it, or probably set it on fire (we have seen this happen before) do not! Getting rid of a wasp nest improperly can not only lead to property damage, but you will have a hive of angry wasps ready to swarm you, and wasps can pack quite the sting.

Instead, when looking at a nest near your home, contact our experts to help remove the nest. With proper safety equipment, we can easily remove the wasp nest from your home without unleashing a large hive of wasps. With professional help, you can avoid injury.

Dealing WIth Random Wasps

Well, what if no wasp nest is near your home, but you sometimes see wasps float around your home? Typically some wasps might float near your home in search of food, water, and shelter. Keep your home wasp free by removing any possible open food sources, like uncovered garbage cans, fruits outside, or pet food. Standing water is also a big lure for wasps which can often be in the form of pools.

When prepping your home for wasps, seal up any small holes to deter burrowing in your home. To avoid harsh chemicals to keep wasps at bay, good old soap and water in a spray bottle can help kill wasps. Even certain essential oils like peppermint oil or lemongrass can be a natural repellent for wasps.

Wasps, at the end of the day, can be harmless from afar, but when they get close to your home, they can be a danger to pets or small children. Wasps can be highly territorial, so you always want to deal with them quickly! At Green Wing Lawn and Pest Services we know how to handle wasps in the most environmentally friendly manner and are ready to help you when you call (321) 499-9114