Silverfish: A Nocturnal Nightmare

The monster in your closet: Silverfish

Silverfish only come out at night, much like the monsters in your scariest nightmares. The good news is, unlike those monsters, silverfish are mostly harmless to people. They don’t bite or spread diseases. They can still do a great deal of damage to your home, though.

If you think you might have a silverfish infestation, the first step is to call for an inspection. Call Now: (321) 449-8555 or fill out our contact form.

Silverfish are quick and resilient. According to PestWorld, they can survive for up to a week without food or water and can hide practically anywhere in their home. They eat everything from books and glue to beef jerky. If they’re really in a pinch, Silverfish will even eat their own.

How Can I Prevent Silverfish Infestation?

Healthline recommends taking the following steps to prevent Silverfish infestation:

  1. Keep your space dry. Purchase a dehumidifier, circulate air through rooms that are often damp like your bathroom, and store clothes in containers to prevent them from getting moist.
  2. Clean up food particles and dust. Make sure all of the containers in your pantry are sealed and vacuum regularly.
  3. Remove items like cardboard boxes and books that have exposed adhesives. These exposed adhesives are tasty treats for Silverfish.

How Does Green Wing Treat Silverfish Infestations?

Silverfish infestations can get out of hand quickly and seriously impact your family’s quality of life. Without quick treatment, a Silverfish problem will only cause more harm. Luckily, these pests can be controlled starting with the first visit. We create a follow-up schedule for your home or business to keep these pests at bay. Click here to learn more about our process. Life is good pest-free!

Your bug guy,

Jeff Daniels